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Growing your business may be challenging

You don't have to do this alone

Does this sound familiar to your business?

“The CEO or senior leaders need to step out of daily operations and focus more on strategy and leading people."

“Our strategy doesn’t really differentiates us from our competitors."

“We’ve built a great strategic plan, but the leaders are not accountable enough to execute it.”

“My leadership team is individually great, but they are not aligned and tend to work in silos.”


I'm Marcio Rezende

Business and Leadership Coach

As a mentor and coach I'm dedicated to help commited business leaders and their teams achieve the targets and scale their impact.

I bring more than 10 years of experience as a former executive and thousands of hours coaching leaders to accelerate their path to success.

I'm a certified Gravitas Premium Coach, ready to lead you through the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth®  framework and tools, so your business has the best strategy and execute it towards the desired results.

​If you want to take your team, company and yourself to the next level, I can be your company in that journey.

We present our proven and unique methodology to accelerate essential business aspects and achieve your goals.




Expand your leadership skills and get the best results from your teams.

One-to-one coaching with the CEO and executives.

Team coaching with the leadership team.




Improve your strategic vision, build differentiation from competitors and get everyone aligned with priorities.

Build a strategic plan with your team that differentiates your business from competitors and have a clear execution plan to bring it to life.


Create accountability and accelerate your execution capabilities



Facilitation of your monthly and quarterly review meetings to hold everyone accountable.
Use of specific on-demand tools to solve business issues.


In my challenge to make the shift from an investor to a business leader, I found in Márcio the same tools that I try to make available to the entrepreneurs I invest in: a set of mental models that allow us to act more quickly, cognitive interventions to get out of biases and respond to reality in a more objective way, and emotional support for the difficult moments of the journey.

Edson, CEO at Astella

Results delivered to business leaders in several industries


Ready to take your business to the next level?

Let's talk!

Florianópolis - SC - BRASIL

Tel: +5548 9147-9979   |

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Feel free to reach out, and we'll respond promptly.​

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